Kiddy Learning Station Mundelein Arlington Heights Childcare

Welcome to KLS

Founded in 2004, it is our purpose to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for young children six weeks through six years old, promoting optimal growth in all areas of development. Our goals are to develop and support the children individually, cognitively, creatively, emotionally, socially, and physically. We ensure that we are communicative, consistent, and caring with our families and within our community. It is our innate desire to create a culture where our teachers are able to foster continuous growth within our environment and provide an atmosphere to achieve excellence.

Kiddy Learning Station Mundelein Arlington Heights Preschool


We are devoted to helping the students learn to respect and care for others. We believe in promoting academic excellence to ensure your precious ones are able to reach their full potential. It is our responsibility to work with the families to create a cohesive environment for parents and their children which will provide consistent and progressive development.

Kiddy Learning Station Mundelein Arlington Heights Childcare


Our mission is to help children learn most effectively thorough a concrete, hands-on, play-oriented approach to early childhood education. At KLS, children learn through the manipulation of objects, materials, and ideas; through interactions with peers and adults; and through activities that children initiate themselves.

Children are interactive learners who are continually striving to make sense out of their experiences.

KLS educational programs are based on what research knows about children individually and culturally, as well as what we know about the different ages and stages of child development.

Kiddy Learning Station Mundelein Arlington Heights Childcare

Philosophy of Education

We’re committed to helping parents find more than child care. We are committed to finding the childhood educators, who will challenge, nurture and enrich the children when mom and dad can’t be there.

Children receive breakfast, morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack to feed their bodies, but more importantly, they receive educational building blocks built on a foundation of love from qualified educators.

Schedule a visit and stop into Kiddy Learning Station, and you’ll discover how our approach to daycare can really put a smile on your child’s face.